Discovering the Scenic Beauty of Mattupetty Dam: A Must-Visit Destination in Munnar

Discovering the Scenic Beauty of Mattupetty Dam: A Must-Visit Destination in Munnar

Mattupetty Dam in Munnar is a well-known tourist destination that attracts
visitors for its stunning beauty and recreational activities. The dam, a
Concrete Gravity structure, was built to conserve water for hydroelectric power
generation, contributing to the state’s revenue. The dam’s reservoir is a
sanctuary for wild animals and birds, but environmental issues such as salinity
and water-logging are a concern.

Visitors to Mattupetty Dam can enjoy boating facilities provided by the
District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC), Idukki. The drive to the dam is a
breathtaking experience, as visitors are surrounded by mist-covered valleys.
The area surrounding the dam is also ideal for trekking, with lush green tea
plantations and forests hosting a variety of bird species.

Mattupetty Dam is also known as the “cattle village” due to the
Indo Swiss farm project, which was launched in 1963 as part of a bilateral
agreement between India and Switzerland. The farm is home to hundreds of
high-yielding cattle, providing a unique experience for visitors to see the
cattle grazing freely on the hills. The best time to visit Mattupetty Dam is
from August to May, and it is easily accessible from Munnar town

Visiting Mattupetty Dam in Munnar

If you wish to experience the thrill of water activities at Mattupetty Dam
or take a leisurely walk across the dam’s roadway, you must abide by the
designated timings. Leisure activities at the Mattupetty Lake are open from
9:30 AM to 5 PM every day.

An entry fee of INR 10 per person is required. To rent an ordinary boat for
a 15-minute ride, you will pay INR 300 for the boat, which can accommodate
between 1 to 5 people. A speedboat ride of the same duration will cost INR 500
for a boat that holds up to 5 passengers.

For larger groups, the Mattupetty Lake offers a half-hour big boat ride with
a capacity of 20 guests, costing a total of INR 700. In addition to water
activities, you can also enjoy horseback riding along the lake’s shores for a
fee of INR 50 per person.

Mattupetty Dam, formerly known as Madupetty by the local community, is a
concrete gravity dam constructed by the Government of Kerala. The construction
of this impressive structure started in 1949, shortly after India’s
independence from Britain.

Completed in just 5 years, the Mattupetty Dam opened its gates in 1953 with
the cost of INR 220 lakhs borne by the government. Over the years, this
investment has generated substantial revenue for the state through
hydroelectric power generation from the water stored in the dam. The dam continues
to be a significant source of electricity to this day.

Here are a few things you might want to know about this dam:

1.      The
Mattupetty Lake is a vital source of water for elephants in the region, who can
often be spotted near the lake in groups.

2.      The
water from the lake is used for irrigation in the surrounding fields.

3.      The
dense tree cover around the dam and lake are environmentally friendly, however,
the salinity due to irrigation and water logging during the monsoon season can
be detrimental to the area.

4.      The
top of the dam is accessible by both vehicles and pedestrians, with a
well-paved road that spans the entire 237.75-meter length of the dam. It
provides stunning panoramic views of the hills and lush vegetation surrounding
the lake.

5.      Mattupetty
Dam is 85.34 meters tall.

6.      It
has 3 radial spillway gates.

7.      The
full reservoir level and maximum flood level that can be handled by the dam is
1,599.59 meters, with the road on the top of the dam built at a height of
1,600.20 meters.

8.      Mattupetty
is a popular destination all year round, except during the monsoon season (June
and July) when the dam and water activities can become hazardous. The best time
to visit is from August to May.

9.      The
village of Mattupetty is situated at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea
level and is referred to as “The Switzerland of Kerala” due to its
cool climate and the Indo Swiss Farm Project implemented in 1963.

10.   The village
is also known as the “Cattle Village” due to its high-yielding cattle
which can be seen grazing on the meadows and hills.

11.   Mattupetty
is a great place for camping and trekking, with many trails through dense
forests and hills.

How to Reach Mattupetty Dam, Munnar

Visiting the stunning Mattupetty Dam and its eponymous lake can be an
unforgettable experience. Although the dam is located away from major cities,
there are various transportation options available to reach it:

By Air: The nearest airport to Mattupetty Dam is the Cochin International
Airport, located 114 km away. From there, you can take a bus or hire a taxi for
a 3.5 hour journey to the dam. Taxis from the airport can be expensive but are
also safe.

By Train: If you prefer train travel, book your tickets to the Angamaly
Railway Station (also known as the Kalady Railway Station) which is the nearest
railway station to the dam at a distance of 115 km. You can then take a bus or
taxi for a 3.5 hour journey to Mattupetty Dam

By Bus: If you are arriving in Kerala by bus, you can book an overnight
long-distance bus with reclining seats or flat beds. Most buses will stop in a
major city, with Munnar being the closest stop to the dam at 11 km. From there,
you can take a taxi for a 30-minute ride to Mattupetty Dam.

By Car: For those who want a more convenient journey, hiring a car is the
best option. Book an air-conditioned taxi from a reputable car rental company
in Munnar with a experienced driver familiar with the roads and conditions.
This will save you the hassle of changing modes of transportation and allow you
to relax in comfort while enjoying the scenic views from your car window.

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