Palani to Kodaikanal Trip – Palani to Kodaikanal Bus Timings

Palani to Kodaikanal Bus

If you’re planning a budget trip to Kodaikanal and choosing the Palani to Kodaikanal route, the best option is to take a government bus. You may be concerned about the bus timings from Palani to Kodaikanal, but you’re in the right place to learn about the details including Palani to Kodaikanal bus timings, Palani to Kodaikanal bus fare, Palani to Kodaikanal distance, and things to watch for during the journey.

Additionally, we will also recommend the best time to visit Kodaikanal. Whether you are planning a trip to Kodaikanal from Palani, this article will be a useful guide for you to plan your travel trip.

When traveling to Kodaikanal, it’s important to keep an eye on key factors such as bus timings, available modes of transportation and distance. To know Palani Kodaikanal distance, The only available bus service between Palani and Kodaikanal is operated by the government (TNSTC). Another option is to travel by bike or car.

Palani to Kodaikanal Bus Timings

Current Palani to Kodaikanal TNSTC Bus Timings (as on now)

04.00 AM, 05.15 AM, 06.00 AM, 08:00 AM, 09:15 AM, 09:45 AM, 10:30 AM, 12.00 PM, 01.15 PM, 02.15 PM, 06:00 PM.

The bus timings from Palani to Thandigudi via Perumal Malai 04:15 AM, 12:45 PM.
You can reach Perumal Malai and then transfer to another bus that will take you to Kodaikanal from there.

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The drive from Palani to Kodaikanal is a beautiful and memorable trip. Along the way, you will see the small villages like Savarikaadu, Kombai Kaadu, Melpallam, Vadakavunji, B.L Shed, and Perumalmalai. These villages have small shops that offer refreshments like tea, coffee, food, and fruit. Whether you’re looking for a pit stop or a unique shopping experience, these villages are sure to impress.

Driving to Kodaikanal from Palani by car or bike requires a high level of road proficiency. The roads are challenging with 14 hairpin bends that need to be navigated carefully.

You can see the instruction board like drive slow, hair pin board, very deep valley, sound alarm during bends and also Palani to Kodaikanal road small.

If you want a more comfortable two way road then you can go via kodai road from Batlagundu. Both Kodai road and Palani road meet at Perumalmalai. From this place a two way road starts.

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Palani to Kodaikanal Bus Fare

  • Bus fare is Rs. 60.
  • You need to reserve the seat during season time to avoid standing in the bus.  
  • Palani to Kodaikanal travel time is nearly 2.30 to 3.00 hours.
  • The bus stop near a small hotel in Kombaikadu village. You can buy snacks, tea etc..,

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Palani to Kodaikanal Distance

Palani to Kodaikanal Distance is 65.5 km. In this travel, you need to travel in two type of roads:

  • Flat Road –  Palani to Karuppan temple distance is 14.9 Km
  • Hills Road –  Karuppan temple to Kodaikanal distance is 50.6 Km

Things to Watch

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How to Travel from Other Cities to Kodaikanal

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Tour Packages for Kodaikanal

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. I’ll do my best to provide you with a helpful answer.

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