60th Kodaikanal Flower Show 2023 – Photo Collections

60th Kodaikanal Flower Show 2023 – Photo Collections

Not everyone can attend the Kodaikanal Flower Show 2023, but we have compiled a collection of photos showcasing the magnificent floral displays from the 60th edition. Take a look and enjoy the beauty!

In Kodaikanal Flower Show 2023, They have arranged traditional Tamil dances. Many shops are available where we can purchase ornaments, chocolates, and eco-friendly products like Vanam Natural Products. They also display the vegetables and fruits cultivated in the Kodaikanal hills. The Kodaikanal Solar Observatory has showcased their works, and the Tamil Nadu Tourism Department has displayed their works as well. Similarly, departments related to forests, animals, and many other things are also exhibiting at this Bryant Park Flower Show.

Also, today Tamil Nadu Tourism Minister announced that from next year onwards, the Rose Flower Show will be arranged in the Rose Garden Kodaikanal.

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