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Rose Garden Overview

Are you planning a trip to Kodaikanal? If you’re looking for a park where you can spend some memorable time with your friends and family as an alternative to Bryant Park, then Rose Garden is the right place for you. You should definitely go to see it when you visit Kodaikanal because it’s so cool! Keep reading to learn more about Rose Garden Kodaikanal and make sure to plan your trip so you can see it all!

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Rose garden Kodaikanal

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Kodaikanal ⛰

Kodaikanal, the beautiful hill station in Tamil Nadu, is home to many amazing lakes and parks that offer beautiful views of lush greenery, serene surroundings, and entertainment activities. One such popular garden is Rose Garden, which is a must-visit for anyone who loves nature.

Rose Garden 🌹

Spread across an impressive 12 acres of land, the Kodaikanal Rose Garden surpasses expectations with its sheer size and splendor. Surpassing even the renowned Ooty Government Rose Garden, which spans 9 acres, this botanical treasure is proudly owned by the Tamil Nadu Government. In the year 2018, the magnificent Mega Kodaikanal Rose Garden was unveiled, opening its gates to the delight of the public.

As of the current year, the garden showcases a carefully tended selection of flowers. It is important to note that this floral paradise has the potential to thrive and bloom with remarkable speed. As the seasons change, the garden will continuously evolve, revealing a breathtaking tapestry of vibrant colors and fragrant blossoms.

Welcome area in rose garden

Prepare to be captivated as you step into the Government Rose Garden, where nature’s splendor unfolds in an ever-changing display of floral beauty.

Best Place for Photography Lovers 📷

We visited the Rose Garden in Kodaikanal on a dry day in October. Despite our excitement about its size, most of the flowers appeared dull. The garden was so vast that we couldn’t explore every corner of it. However, we managed to cover most of the areas during our visit. Throughout our time there, we constantly snapped photos with our camera and mobile phones. Eventually, after spending nearly three hours, we reluctantly left the enchanting Rose Garden 🌹.

Viewpoint in Rose garden

🌷 Flower Lover’s Paradise: Rose Garden

The moment we entered the garden, the smell of roses is engaging us. There are a variety of roses you have never seen that much before. Especially some flowers are large than both of your hands. The grass, Drip Tape water method, Monkeys around there and much more makes your day better.

If you are lucky you can see some other animals 🦬. When we visit we see Malabar squirrel. You can’t end taking all the photos of your loved images as the roses are planted all over 10KMs. On the other hand, employees here are higher in the count to maintain the gardens clean and secure.

Rose Garden Flowers

Rose Varieties

  • Jan Red
  • Sachet Sport
  • Picasso
  • Ust Imagine
  • Prince Jardiner
  • S. Johnson
  • Donatella
  • Abbaye
  • Peach Spire
  • Norma
  • Racy Lady
  • Delpatricole
  • Frylimbo etc..,

History of Rose Garden 🌹

Back in 2016, the government allocated a substantial budget of 9 Crores to establish a splendid Government Rose Garden spanning 12 acres, inspired by the renowned one in Ooty. The ambitious plan aimed to house an impressive collection of 1 lakh rose plants. Initially, the Department of Horticulture dedicated over 4 Crores towards essential infrastructure, including the implementation of digital ticket systems, construction of walls, and other necessary amenities.

Rose Garden Kodaikanal 2023 - Photography, Flower Lover's, History, Entry Fees

In subsequent phases, the garden’s development progressed rapidly, and more than 1500 varieties of exquisite flowers were carefully planted. Additionally, considerable attention was given to maintaining hygienic and well-kept restroom facilities for visitors’ convenience. Over time, the garden continued to flourish with the addition of new plantings, enhancing the already breathtaking landscape.

To further elevate the visitor experience, the garden introduced exciting attractions such as horse rides, battery car transportation, and a delightful refreshment area known as Tan Hoda, where cool drinks and appetizing snacks were served. These thoughtful additions aimed to provide a complete and enjoyable experience for all those who graced the garden with their presence.

government rose garden , kodaikanal photos

The Rose garden 🌹 spans 12 acres, requiring some walking to fully explore its offerings. If you are planning a trip to Kodaikanal with older individuals, there’s no need to worry.

Electric Battery Car 🚘

Electric Battery Car facility is available in this garden. Older people can use this facility to enjoy this garden. They charge some amount for Electric Car. This eco-friendly mode of transportation is particularly recommended for individuals who may have difficulty walking or for older individuals seeking a comfortable way to explore the garden.

To avail yourself of this convenient service, you will be charged Rs 30 per person. With a nominal fee, you can enjoy a leisurely ride in the Battery Car for approximately 15-30 minutes, taking in the scenic beauty of the garden without any physical strain.

Whether you wish to conserve your energy or simply prefer a relaxing ride, the Electric Battery Car provides a convenient and enjoyable means to navigate the captivating landscape of the Rose Garden.

Some Other Entertainment in Rose Garden Kodaikanal

Horse Ride 🏇

At an average of Rs 50 to Rs 100, the horse ride will be 100 – 300 Meters for 10 minutes is worth it for kids and ladies to try.

Play area for Kids 🛝

Children can enjoy in this Place. Slider, See-Saw, Swing and more for Kids.

Play area for Kids in Rose Garden

Rose Garden Entry Fee 🎟🎟🎟

  • For Adult – Rs 30
  • Children  – Rs 15
  • Camera – Rs 50
  • Video Camera – Rs 100

🚴 How to reach Rose Garden

The Rose Garden is conveniently located near the Kodaikanal Solar Observatory. To reach the garden from Kodaikanal Lake, you will need to travel along Observatory Road. The Rose Garden is approximately 3 km away from the entrance of Kodaikanal Lake. Before reaching the garden, you can also visit the Upper Lake View. After enjoying the Upper Lake View, you can continue your journey to the Rose Garden.

Best place for whom

This place is best suited for nature and silence lovers, as well as photography enthusiasts and flower admirers.

Rose garden kodaikanal photos

Next places to watch after Rose garden 🏞

Once you watch Rose Garden, You can start to travel in forest area to watch Moir Point, Pine forest, Guna Caves, Pillar Rocks and much more.

Rose Garden Flower Show 🌷 🌹 🌼

During this year’s Kodaikanal Flower Show in Bryant Park, the Tamil Nadu Tourism Minister announced that a new Rose Flower Show will begin next year in the Rose Garden.

Rose Garden Kodaikanal FAQ

What is the Rose Garden in Kodaikanal famous for?

The Rose Garden in Kodaikanal is famous for its extensive collection of roses, showcasing various varieties and colors.

What is the entry fee for Rose Garden Kodaikanal?

The entry fee for Rose Garden Kodaikanal is 30 Rs for adults and 15 Rs for children.

What is special about the Rose Garden?

The Rose Garden is special for its serene ambiance, scenic beauty, and the enchanting fragrance of the roses. It offers a delightful experience for nature lovers and enthusiasts.

Where is the Rose Garden situated?

The Rose Garden is located near Kodaikanal Solar Observatory in Kodaikanal. You can reach this park when to travel for Forest tour like Moir point, etc.

Is a children’s park available in the Rose Garden?

Yes, a children’s park is available within the Rose Garden. Children can enjoy in this garden. Slider, See-Saw, Swing and more for Kids.

Is a flower show conducted in the Rose Garden?

As of now, no, but this year during the Kodai festival, the Tamil Nadu Tourism Minister announced that they are planing to conduct the Rose Flower Show in the Rose Garden starting from next year onward.

Are there any facilities available for elderly people in the Rose Garden?

Yes, Electric car facilities is available. They can charge Rs 30 for that. You can use this facilities for elderly people also enjoy the Rose Garden Flowers.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. I’ll do my best to provide you with a helpful answer.

Have a great journey

Thank you

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  6. A vast garden maintained by TN Horticultural department. Very good planning and we’ll organised. Best maintained period as understand from the garden workers is March to May. This is to target the flower show festival organised the department in May. When we visited the garden in July, hardly any rose flower could be seen and most of the rose plants are maintained as if just for survival. However, a few other attractive flowering plants also are grown in the garden, which are perennial and flowering throughout the year and are pleasing to the eyes.

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  10. Visiting the Government Rose Garden in Kodaikanal was a truly enchanting experience. The vibrant array of colors, captivating fragrances, and meticulous maintenance create a floral haven that’s a must-see for any visitor. The sheer beauty and serenity of the garden make it an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts and those seeking a peaceful escape. I wholeheartedly recommend taking the time to explore and appreciate the unique charm that this rose garden has to offer

    Restrooms: Available

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