Places to Visit Between Palani and Kodaikanal

Places to Visit Between Palani and Kodaikanal

Are you planning to visit Kodaikanal via Palani? Then you may get confused about what all the places to visit between Palani and Kodaikanal are. In this article, we will explore the places to visit between Palani and Kodaikanal, Tourist places near Palani with distance, and Palani temple near tourist places.

Before starting a trip from Palani to Kodaikanal, You can also visit Palani Murugan Temple. Once you start riding on the Palani Kodaikanal Road, You can view the following items one by one.

Palani to Kodaikanal Tourist Places

Mango Trees Forest

When you travel from Palani, you can see agricultural land on both sides of the road. Driving on this road is beautiful experience. Mainly, there are a lot of mango tree plantations by farmers here. During the mango season, there are many small vendors on the roadside who sell mangoes and tender coconuts. The mangoes they sell are very tasty and free from chemical processing. Don’t miss this experience when you travel from Palani to Kodaikanal.

Varathamanathi Dam

Before reaching the foothills of the Kodaikanal Hills, there is Varathamanathi Dam that you can visit during your trip. This dam is located 10 km away from Palani. You can spend some time here and take photos. There is no entry fee for this dam.

Karuppan Temple

In the foothills of Palani, before starting the drive up the hill, you can see a small Lord Karuppan temple. You can pray there and start your ride.

Palar Dam View

Places to Visit Between Palani and Kodaikanal  - palar dam view

The Palar dam viewpoint is situated at the Second Hairpin Bend when travelling from Palani to Kodaikanal. This viewpoint is located 15 km away from Palani. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the Palar dam from here and take photos.

Varathamanathi Dam View Point

This viewpoint is located 33 km away from Palani. After driving for some time, it is the perfect place to take a rest. There is a small hotel near this viewpoint where you can refresh yourself. From here, you can capture photos of the Varathamanathi dam view and the beautiful valley. This viewpoint is situated in the village called Kombaikadu.

If you are looking for other hotel, you can travel an additional 1 km where you will find Hotel. These hotel offer an awesome view from the viewpoint, and you can also see a waterfall. Toilet facilities are available near these hotels as well.

Eucalyptus Trees – Photoshoot Point

After traveling nearly 5 km, you can see the Eucalyptus Trees. This Eucalyptus tree photoshoot point is located in Mellpallam village, and there are many shops available near this photoshoot point. This point is famous for taking photos. During the winter season, the mist covers this forest, creating a beautiful and enchanting sight to behold.

Vadakavunji Junction

In this place, there is a small temple and a few shops located near it. Before covering some distance, you can witness the beautiful view of Vadakavunji village.

Palani City View Point

Another viewpoint on the Palani-Kodaikanal road is the Palani Viewpoint. This viewpoint is located 39 km away from Palani. From this point, you can enjoy the stunning view of Palani town and the temple. There is a small hotel near this viewpoint where you can purchase snacks, tea, and food.

Palar Dam View

Palar dam view is located 48 km away from Palani. From this view point you can view the beautiful view of Palar dam view.

Other Things to see


When you travel on the Palani-Kodaikanal road, you can see many villages such as Savarikadu, Kombaikadu, Mellpallam, Vadakavunji Junction, B.L. Shed, Vellaiparai, Pethuparai, Jeeva Nagar, Annagiri Solai, and Perumalmalai.


There are many small waterfalls you can see during your travel and some of the beautiful waterfalls view.


Palani to Kodaikanal road is famous for its beautiful view of the valleys. Valleys are look famous but you need to drive carefully in this road.

Lush Greenery

You can see lush greenery plants and trees. You can see different varieties of plants and trees. There are many forest trees, Banana trees, Jack fruit trees , etc.

Silver Cascade Waterfalls

Finally, after a long drive, you can enter into Kodaikanal. At the entrance of Kodaikanal, you can see the beautiful Silver Cascade Waterfalls, where you can spend some time after the long drive. There are many shops where you can purchase local foods, sweet corn, vada, and other snacks as well.

Places to Visit Between Palani and Kodaikanal

Tourist Places near Palani with Distance

We have had a deep discussion about the places to visit between Palani and Kodaikanal. If you are looking to visit tourist places near Palani, the Palani temple is a must-visit attraction near other tourist places. Then, you can explore the following places:

Palar Dam

  • This Dam is 7.6 km away from Palani Temple.
  • Nice Picnic Spot

Varathamanadhi Dam

  • This Dam is 8.6 km away from Palani Temple.
  • Palani to Varathamanathi dam distance is 10 km.
  • Nice places to watch and beautiful view of Palani Hills.

Palar Dam View Point

  • This viewpoint is 13.5 km away from Palani Temple.
  • You can see the beautiful view of the Palar Dam.
  • This viewpoint is on the way to Kodaikanal.

Sirwar Ponga Park Palani

  • This park is located near Palani and 2 km away from Palani Temple.
  • Nice place for children to enjoy.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. I’ll do my best to provide you with a helpful answer.

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