How to get Permission for Berijam Lake in Kodaikanal | Berijam Lake Permission

How to get Permission for Berijam Lake in Kodaikanal

Are you planning a trip to Kodaikanal? If you’re looking for a Lake, forest trip, want to see animals where you can spend some memorable time with your friends and family as an alternative to Kodai Lake, then Berijam Lake is the right place for you.

You should definitely go to see it when you visit Kodaikanal because it’s so cool! However, keep in mind that you need to get permission from the Forest Department. No worries! After reading this articles about How to get permission for Berijam Lake in Kodaikanal, you will get a clear idea about the process for berijam lake permission.

Berijam Lake Permission

To get the permission for Berijam lake, Firstly you need to reach the Forest Department Office in Kodaikanal. The forest department office is located in Moonjikal only 350 m walkable distance from Monjikal bus stop near Padma Lodges.

Forest Office, How to get Permission for Berijam Lake in Kodaikanal

To get a berijam lake permission you need to reach before 8.30 AM. Permission pass given between 8.30 AM to 9.30 AM.  Tuesday is Holiday, So other days you can get the pass. If there are signs of elephant activity near the Moir Point, the Forest Department will not issue a pass for Berijam Lake.

Note: Place where permission will given

Please do not visit Moir Point to get pass. To get pass go to the below Location:

You need to fill a form , They will give it please refer below image for this.

Permission form, berijam lake kodaikanal

IDs need for Permission

To obtain permission, it is necessary to provide identification documents such as Aadhaar ID and Driving License. You are required to fill in these details and attach photocopies of the documents to the provided form.

As of New Rules, You need attach the photocopies of below documents:

  • Driving License
  • Vehicles RC Book
  • Insurance Certificate for Vehicle
  • Vehicle Pollution Certificate

Berijam lake Entrance Fee

  • For Car – 200 Rs
  • For Van – 300 Rs

Note: Two wheeler are not allowed.

Important Note: Berijam lake is Open

If you want to book cab service in Kodaikanal for berijam lake sightseeing places call us at +91-6382505650. We will get permission to visit Berijam Lake for our cab and arrange to pick you up near Kodaikanal Lake. You can park your vehicle near the lake, and we will pick you up after visiting Berijam Lake and covering other tourist attractions. Subsequently, we will conclude the berijam lake sightseeing tour and drop you off near your vehicle at the lake. For Berijam lake sightseeing call us before a day or atleast before 7.00 AM on that day.

New Policy for Berijam Lake Booking with Us

To book our vehicle, an advance payment of Rs. 1500 is required. This amount will be deducted from the total cost.
Guest Name: Prof Pallavi
Phone No: 81*******05
Hotel: Tamara Kodai
She booked for Berijam Lake and paid a Rs 500 advance. However, she canceled at the last minute. Additionally, she behaved very poorly, forwarding our calls and insisting that I pay the driver. In the end, I had to pay 1000 to the driver and for the cab with permission cost out of my own pocket. As a result, we have decided to implement this new policy.


berijam lake permission
Berijam Lake Open Now

Places permitted to visit

  • Silent Valley
  • Caps Valley
  • Mathikettan Shola View
  • Berijam Lake View
  • Berijam Lake


  • Beware of Leeches.
  • Beware of unknown personnel.
  • Beware of sudden encounter with wildlife.
  • Smoking and Consuming liquor inside the forest area is a punishable offense under WLP(A) 1972.
  • Forest department can check at any place.

Visitor’s Promise

  • Follow rules and regulations properly.
  • You need to submit photo identification to obtain permission.
  • You need to exit the forest area at Moir Point by 3.30 PM.
  • Avoid carrying fire-making materials.
  • Maintain silence and travel only on permitted paths.
  • Do not enter non-permitted forest areas.
  • Park the vehicles only in parking areas.
  • Do not use plastic and throw the litter.
  • Do not damage the Herbs, shrubs and trees.
  • Do not damage the infrastructure, fencing, visitor gallery, etc.
  • Do not swim or bathe in the lake water, as it is dangerous to life.

Note: Don’t break the rules, Breaking rules is punishable under Wild life Act 1972.

If you are visiting Kodaikanal by bus or bike, don’t hesitate. If you want to visit Berijam Lake, call the number below, and we will arrange a cab for you with Berijam lake permission but please contact atleast before 1 or 2 days.

As Per New Rules:

Anyone planning to drive a car on the Berijam Lake trip must obtain permission from the Forest Department office. They need to present their original driver’s license to obtain permission for their vehicles.

Explore Kodaikanal Packages

Announcement on 18 Aug 2023, They will give only permission for 50 vehicles per day.

To know more about Berijam Lake, visit the Berijam Lake page

Kodaikanal forest office entrance
How to get Permission for Berijam Lake in Kodaikanal, Berijam Lake Permission

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. I’ll do my best to provide you with a helpful answer.

Have a great journey,

Thank you

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